Starlink opens a representative office in Ukraine

Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Digital Transformation Minister Mikhail Fedorov tweeted to Elon Musk on Twitter to help cover the country with Starlink communications. The response was quick: the next day we had coverage, and within a week the company provided the first batch of 500 stations.

These terminals are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and support infrastructure facilities, helping to maintain communication in situations where other options are not available. And that’s more than 10,000 stations.  

Today Mykhailo Fedorov announced that Starlink is already working on opening a representative office in Ukraine. The Minister also assures that the Government will do everything possible to speed up this process:

Starlink will be in Ukraine!

At the very beginning of the war, I asked Elon Musk to provide Ukraine with Starlink. The next day we received a positive response from him, and a week later – the first 500 Starlink stations with free firmware for Ukraine were at our warehouse.

Today, more than 10,000 stations help the Armed Forces stay in touch and conduct special operations, support critical energy and telecommunications facilities, health care facilities and even a sowing campaign, and bring deoccupied areas back to life. Now Ukraine is almost impossible to imagine without modern Starlink technology. And this technology will become even more accessible for Ukrainians.  

After all, today we received another positive news – Starlink has started work on opening a representative office in Ukraine! 

For my part, I instructed the relevant authorities to complete the necessary certification, measurement, and frequency procedures as soon as possible. I will inform you in detail about the progress of these works.

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