Ukrainian combat drone PUNISHER has been tested and sent to the army

According to the CEO of UA Dynamics Maksym Muzyka, the Ukrainian combat and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle PUNISHER from UA Dynamics team successfully passed field tests on one of the training grounds of the Armed Forces and approved for combat use by the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, Maksym Muzyka wrote that in the near future the first five PUNISHER complexes will be handed over to the combat units of the Special Operation Forces of Ukraine.

During the war, the UA Dynamics team works exclusively for victory, does not sell complexes and does not make a profit. All UA Dynamics complexes are collected at the expense of volunteer funds and charitable contributions of the patriotic community and donated to Special Operation Forces units free of charge. Details of where you can contribute financially to the drone supply can be found on the company’s website.

PUNISHER is a light UAV aircraft designed by veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war to conduct reconnaissance and tactical raids on important military facilities with enhanced protection deep behind the enemy lines. The main tasks of the complex are the destruction of enemy forces and means and the creation of constant psychological pressure on personnel without violating the rules of waging war.

Possible tactical tasks of PUNISHER complexes: special reconnaissance; strike operations, psychological operations, logistical support of special operations, search and rescue. Priority objectives: stationary brigade/division level control points, communication and control machines, EW systems, anti aircraft/missile defense systems, ammunition and fuel depots, personnel barracks.

The UA Dynamics team points out that since 2016, none of the company’s UAVs have been lost in combat. This is achieved through the use of low-noise electric motors and transparent materials, reducing the radio trace and zero heat trace, as well as the small size of the drone. PUNISHER’s general invisibility allows it to pass unnoticed by enemy surveillance systems and strike unexpectedly and devastatingly at strategic and expensive targets in the hinterland.

PUNISHER is launched from a catapult and has a maximum operating range of up to 50 km. The maximum speed of the drone is 200 km/h, cruising speed is 80 km/h. Maximum time in the air – 90 minutes. The drone attacks targets with free-falling UB-75HE unguided bombs. Accuracy when dropping from a height of up to 400 m – 4 m. UB-75HE bombs of 75 mm caliber weigh 2 kg and differ in the type of warhead. UB-75HE is high-explosive against lightly armored targets, UB-75HEAT is a cumulative anti-tank bomb, and UB-75HEI is an incendiary bomb. In addition, instead of bombs, the PUNISHER complex can carry a container with medicine, which is dropped to help the wounded behind the enemy lines.

Each PUNISHER complex contains one combat drone plus 3 sets of batteries, one smaller reconnaissance drone + 3 sets of batteries, catapult, ground control station + 1 set of batteries, trackball, antenna, antenna cable, ballistic calculator, set of modular containers, transport boxes, spare and repair parts.

Well, we are eagerly awaiting the reports of the Special Operation Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the occupiers punished by PUNISHER drones. Good hunting, boys and girls!

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