Welcome to Chornobaivka! Now in games too

In Dead Dungeon game by Ukrainian developer Oleksii Roenko a new achievement Welcome to Chornobaivka was added. To get it, the player must die 1000 times. Given that Dead Dungeon is a clone of Super Meat Boy, it will not be very difficult.

To be honest, Dead Dungeon is no longer a new game. It went out in 2018, and the corresponding achievement was there from the very beginning, but it was called Groundhog Day. In fact, it is now called so as 20 out of 23 languages that supports the game, but for English, Ukrainian and Russian author decided to rename this achievement in honor of the famous enchanted village near Kherson.

By the way, now all three games by Oleksii Roenko can be purchased for just 46 UAH . As they say, welcome to Chornobaivka!

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