How to choose a thermal imager. Expert’s recommendations

Thermal imagers are probably one of the top three requests of the Armed Forces and one of the main categories of expenses for charitable foundations and volunteers who help the army. But this is a rather complex device with many nuances, which one should choose responsibly. Unfortunately, Mezha editorial office has no expertise in this matter. We can help if you need a new video card or monitor (hopefully we will return to this topic after the victory), but Mezha editorial office has friends and colleagues who have something to say. on this topic.

Therefore, we advise everyone who is facing the question of choosing a thermal imager to pay attention to the video of Taras Oliynyk, an employee of the IBIS Weapons and Hunting network, and in the past the head of the Computer Review website test laboratory.

In this video, Taras explains almost all topics related to thermal imagers in one way or another: how this device works, how thermal imaging monoculars differ, what the detection distance and the refresh rate of the matrix are, what lens parameters are important. He gives practical advice on working with thermal imaging monoculars, their installation and adjusting fire. In addition, the same video mentions the subject of thermal imaging attachments and night vision devices. Definitely a must see!

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